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UCLA player spits on Arizona fans after 10-point loss, promptly gets arrested at the arena

February 04, 2022

UCLA redshirt freshman forward Mac Etienne did not play a single minute against the No. 7-ranked Arizona Wildcats on Thursday night (the four-star recruit is out for the season with a knee injury). But he still managed to get his money's worth on his way out of the McKale Memorial Center in the most disgusting way possible.

Etienne, who had just sat through his team's 76-66 loss to one of their Pac-12 rivals, was obviously less than thrilled with the result of the game, and perhaps how his teammates were treated in a tense road environment. Still, that's no excuse for doing what he did as he made his way to the locker room. Watch as Etienne appears to spit toward the Arizona student section multiple times before exiting the court:

We don't have the numbers in front of us, but people who spit on other people are 0-for-a-lifetime in getting anyone to sympathize with them. And that was before the damn pandemic. It does not matter what was said or done to Etienne or his teammates on Thursday night, you simply CANNOT spit on people. Apparently, he may have also done it at halftime, too: 

Not great, Bob. Etienne quickly learned the hard way that you can't be doing this when he was arrested and cited for assault in the arena, according to multiple reports. The citation was issued by the University of Arizona police for the "intent to injure, provoke or insult" another person. Yikes. 

According to Sgt. Sean Shields, the public information officer for the U. of A. police, Etienne will have a court date in Arizona but he could potentially be allowed to address the citation without having to travel back to the state, which seems like the best solution for all parties involved.