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Anthony Edwards can throw a football over them mountains

You know Anthony Edwards from TV. He plays an up-and-coming basketball star on the soap opera known as the NBA. He recently appeared in the Netflix/Adam Sandler basketball joint ‘Hustle.’ He’s a naturally likable, charismatic guy who somehow manages to be extremely cocky and totally innocent all at once. But what you might not know about the Ant Man is that he can throw a football over them mountains.

Now Edwards has sworn up and down in the past that there’s no sport he can’t do. Ping pong, golf, trash ball. You name it. He spends his summers riding jetskis, praising Jesus, and bowling. He didn’t even know who A-Rod was until the MLB legend bought the Timberwolves. The eccentricities of his talents and interests are virtually unknowable, including the fact that he is apparently the Georgia Joe Flacco. We have no idea if he can sling it, but judging by this clip he can certainly bomb it.

He knows it too. “I got a profession in this sh*t or what?” he says after splitting out wide and flashing his speed on a deep go route. “Pay me.”

Look out, Kirk Cousins. There’s a new gunslinger in town.