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Polish MMA fighter Amadeusz Roslik jumps YouTuber with vicious kill shot in middle of TV interview

September 15, 2022

Amadeusz Roslik is a bad dude. And by “bad” we don’t mean sick, nasty, or badass. We mean he’s a bad person. The Polish MMA fighter, nicknamed “Ferrari” because of course, was disqualified in 2020 for kicking an opponent in the head as he crumpled to mat unconscious after a knockout. Earlier this year, he was involved in a press-conference dust-up for the ages, attempting to head stomp a fellow fighter who, in Roslik’s defense, did appear to start it.

On Wednesday, however, Ferrari Le Tigre unleashed his wildest stunt yet, jumping a YouTuber by the name of Sadek during a TV interview with what can best be described as a kill shot. Watch it and weep.

Turn the sound up for that one if you can stomach it. Needless to say, if that isn’t assault with a deadly weapon, we don’t know what is. Apparently Sadek has been a longtime critic of Roslik and had recently made disparaging remarks about his family. Obviously that crosses a line—we can all agree on that—but Roslik responded by crossing five more, attempting to revoke Sadek’s ability to eat solid foods on live TV.

Somehow Sadek took the blow, and after staggering to his feet, wondering what planet he was on and who was burning toast, managed to finish his interview, bloody lip and all. But adrenaline is a hell of drug and you don’t take a bareknuckle lick like that and just keep on ticking without some serious side effects. As for Roslik, we assume he’ll keep getting away with this sh*t because guys like him always do.