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Altamont Beer Works' new CattyShack IPA is a liquid tribute to Carl Spackler

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The year is 1980 and Carl Spackler has just won the Masters...well, in his head at least. The azaleas are in full bloom and the green jacket is tailored just right. He makes eye contact with Jack who gives him a thumbs up wrung with a halo of spring sunlight. It would be a crime to wash down this completely fictional triumph with a dusty bottle of Bud, but it's 1980, what other option is there? Well, assuming Altamont Beer Works has a time machine and an in at Augusta National (not sure which is harder to come by, to be honest), the answer is the CattyShack IPA—a liquid tribute to Mr. Spackler himself and quite possibly the greatest back nine beer ever brewed.

The boozy brainchild of the hop-obsessed NorCal craft brewer, the CattyShack is a classic American IPA loaded with Simcoe Hops and a touch of Crystal Malt. Boasting notes of pine (or should we say pine straw), citrus, and melon, it's an easy drinker despite clocking in at a respectable 6% ABV, AKA just enough to make you rethink posting that score. More importantly, however, the CattyShack is available in four packs just in time for the Masters, so you can tuck them discreetly beneath your desk in the event of emergency at-work streaming scenarios.

Like all of humanity's groundbreaking achievements, though, there is a catch: For now the CattyShack—one of Altamont Brewing's signature spring/summer seasonals—is only available in Northern California. But hey, if you're headed out to Pebble Beach in June, take a drive up to Altamont and grab yourself a pack or two. It might seem like a long way to go for beer, but something tells us Spackler would approve.