The Grind Never Stops

This clip of two airport workers practicing their swings on the tarmac is the feel-good content golf needs right now

December 13, 2023

Golf! Everyone’s talking about it! Our forgotten little corner of the sports world is in an strangeone place at the moment. The game itself couldn’t be better. The post-COVID boom shows no signs of slowing down and new courses are being built at the fastest rate in decades. But there’s also the looming specter of golf-ball rollback and, of course, LIV Golf’s ongoing power grab. Like it or not, “professional golf” is the side of the game most people see, and it is, quite frankly, a mess.

So if you’re feeling down—if Rahm’s $600-million defection and the prospect of losing five yards off the tee has you worried this Christmas might be a blue one—just check out this heartwarming video, which surfaced on Twitter on Tuesday.

Imagine you’re headed home for the holidays. Your flight was delayed three hours, your bag wouldn’t fit in the overhead compartment and your sister just texted to let you know she’s bringing her new boyfriend to Christmas dinner. Then you look out at the window to see these two dudes working on their golf swings together. Sure, maybe that’s why your flight has been sitting on the tarmac for 90 minutes with no explanation, but it almost makes it worth it.

Anyway, we hope this brings you a little holiday cheer. Golf might be in a weird place right now, but as long as we have men and women like this keeping the fire lit, it will be just fine in the long run.