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You won't see a more beautiful cold top than the cold top from this pro at the Australian Open

December 01, 2022

As weekend choppers, there is nothing better than seeing a tour pro do something we do on the weeked, i.e., chunk one, top one, blade one, s-word one, etc. We cherish these relatable moments because they are so few and far between.

Of course, we're usually quickly reminded, often on the very next shot, that these guys are still very good. In the case of Adrian Meronk, who cold-topped one in the first round at the Australian Open, we were reminded during the so-called cold top, which looks like a mesmerizing stinger if you ignore the fact it went directly at that giant tree right of the fairway:

Some "top" there. That's the type of shot Instagram influencers do 100 takes to replicate. Low stingers = 100K views. Klout on klout. Everybody knows that. 

But seriously, imagine your "top" looking like that? The rest of us are dribbling it maybe 10 or 20 yards, or worse, topping it so badly it spins backwards when it lands. Meronk's top is just a mis-hit stinger that I've now watched 50 times in the last five minutes. Must be nice.