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The essential holiday buyer’s guide for Adidas’ Reverse Retro NHL jerseys

November 16, 2020

Ladies and gentleman of hockey, the day has finally come. After months of rumors and teases, snippets and glimpses, Adidas has officially unveiled its Reverse Retro jerseys for all 31 NHL franchises. The collection, which flips the color script of some of the ‘90s’ most iconic sweaters, is perhaps the single most-hyped hockey uniform release of all time, and it’s here just in time for the holidays. So grab that Visa and get in the queue, because we’re here to help you decide not only what you’re buying, but who you’re buying it for. Sorry kiddo, that PS5 will just have to wait.

For the ‘90s kid who grew up thinking Iceland was a youth hockey power

Anaheim Ducks


For the sad sack still mourning their former team

Colorado Avalanche


For the sad sack still mourning their current team

Buffalo Sabres


For the longtime fan of a franchise with no actual history

Las Vegas Golden Knights


Arizona Coyotes


For the guy who doesn’t watch hockey but wants to look like he does

Carolina Hurricanes


For the fan old enough to remember Rudy Giuliani as an OK guy

New York Rangers


For the guy who can somehow pronounce “Chara” without the R

Boston Bruins


For the bandwagoneer

Tampa Bay Lightning


For the guy who is going to watch the ‘A Very Sunny Christmas' instead of 'It's a Wonderful Life'

Philadelphia Flyers


For the fan who needs something to go with their Supreme collection

Los Angeles Kings


Vancouver Canucks


For the most boring human on earth

New York Islanders


For the second most boring human on earth

Detroit Red Wings


For David Puddy

New Jersey Devils


For the Saddledome, long may it reign

Calgary Flames