Marital Bliss

Adam Hadwin bounces first pitch at Toronto Blue Jays game, wife (barely) resists the urge to roast him on Twitter

The greatest feud in golf this week wasn’t Brooks vs. Brandel, Grayson vs. Rory or the world vs. Jay Monahan. It was Canadian tour pro Adam Hadwin and wife Jessica, who kicked off a tumultuous week by ripping each other’s dishwasher skills on Twitter for the whole world to see.

But the domestic spat didn’t end in the kitchen. On Wednesday night it carried over to the Rogers Centre, home of the Toronto Blue Jays, where Adam was scheduled to throw at the first pitch ahead of this weekend’s RBC Canadian Open. Unfortunately, Hadwin under clubbed, bouncing the pitch over home plate in the beta move of all beta moves.

Sensing her husband’s vulnerability in this time of great strife and uncertainty (no, we’re not talking about LIV), Jessica veered onto the high road at the last minute, resisting the urge to get even for Dishwasher-gate.

Kudos to Jessica for not barbecuing her husband, opting to merely imply the roast instead (let’s call it “lightly toasted”). Hopefully this eases tensions in the simmering marital cold war. If not, it could be a longggg weekend at Chez Hadwin, especially if Adam misses the cut ...