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Lesson Learned

Adam Hadwin decides not to storm green after Nick Taylor’s WM Phoenix Open win, says “I learned my lesson”

February 12, 2024

It was a wild weekend at the WM Phoenix Open. Between the booze and the rain, people were hitting the deck left, right and center. But not Adam Hadwin. The Canadian tour pro, most famous for being rugby tackled by a security guard while celebrating Nick Taylor’s Canadian Open win last summer, somehow managed to stay upright Sunday as Taylor found himself in the winner’s circle once more. Hadwin, though pumped for his friend’s second win in less 12 months, resisted the urge to bound onto the green this time around, hilariously telling nearby cameras that he learned his lesson.

Poor guy. All he want he wanted to do is celebrate his buddy’s big win in Drinking Town, USA but he was still too traumatized by getting truck-sticked by a former arena-league linebacker in front of the entire golf world. It’s probably a good thing he resisted, however, because as both No Laying Up and his own wife pointed out, Hadwin inexplicably wore the same outfit on Sunday that he wore on that fateful summer night in Toronto.

As we all know, olive green hoodies are to security guards what blood red flags are to raging bulls, but thankfully Hadwin was able to stay out harm’s way this time around. We're sure the Phoenix Open security staff thanks him for it as well. They had enough hijinks to deal with this weekend without having to worry about some random Canadian burning the whole place to the ground.