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According to Bryce Harper, Bryce Harper's parents left the game before he hit an insane walk-off grand slam

Bryce Harper gets ragged on quite a bit on social media for being "overrated," which is automatically the label placed upon you when you make as much money as he does and hit for an average of .245. On Thursday night he proved with one swing of the bat why he's (a) worth every penny, and (b) most certainly NOT overrated, shutting up the haters and causing John Kruk to lose his sh-t in the booth in the process. You've seen it already, I've seen it already, but let's watch it together again for the 100th time:

You cannot hit a more majestic homer in a bigger spot than that one. Down two runs in the bottom of the ninth, with the bases loaded, with an out against a lefty. Oh, and did we mention that before this pitch, the Philadelphia Phillies were two back of the Chicago Cubs for the second wild card, and in danger of going down three games? Harper's grand slam has pulled them within one of the Cubbies and earned them a sweep. It's no surprise that Harper called it "one of the coolest moments of my life."

One tiny problem: His parents might have missed it. We'll let Bryce explain:

In fairness, maybe they were trying to beat the traffic? That or Bryce's dad needed to get in an impromptu weight room session. If that's the case, he's excused. As for Mom ... tough look.