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The best part of Bryce Harper's walk-off Grand Slam was John Kruk's (immediate) reaction

August 16, 2019

Bryce Harper has not performed quite as well as Philadelphia Phillies fans expected since signing that historic $330 million contract in the off-season. But the good thing about a 13(!)-year deal is you have plenty of time to prove your worth.

Harper has started to do that of late and on Thursday night he delivered his best moment so far in the City of Brotherly Love. Harper crushed—and we mean CRUSHED—a walk-off Grand Slam to beat the Chicago Cubs. Just as entertaining, however, was the immediate reaction by former Phillies fan favorite turned analyst John Kruk. Have a watch and listen:

So good. And here it is on a loop:

It's tough to tell if Kruk blurts out "Oh my god!" or "Oh my gosh!" but either way, it's fantastic.

Rough week for the Cubs, by the way. On Monday, they were victims of one of the worst strike-three calls in MLB history and now this? Ouch.

Harper, meanwhile, has exploded for six home runs in his past eight games and the Phillies are now just a game behind the Cubs for the final Wild Card spot in the National League. He also got a good sprint in thanks to his latest dinger.

"That was sick. Wow, I don't even know. I mean, that was awesome. Oh my gosh," Harper told reporters after the game before adding, "Besides winning the division and getting to the playoffs, that was one of the coolest moments I've ever had in my life."

It sure sounded like it was one of the coolest moments Kruk has ever experienced as well.