The one?

Aaron Rodgers reportedly has a new girlfriend, and her name is [drum roll please] Blu of Earth

We have sad news, America. After months of will they/won’t they, Aaron Rodgers and actress Shailene Woodley have finally split for good. It’s a dark day for love, but as Semisonic once sang, every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end, and from the sound of things, the Green Bay Packers quarterback is already on the rebound.

Late Tuesday, reports surfaced that Rodgers—fresh off a big win at The Match VI—had found a new beau, and, most importantly, that her name was [drum roll please] Blu of Earth.

Not Blue of Earth. Not Blu of the Earth. Just Blu of Earth. She considers herself a witch, medicine woman, and, um, podcaster. She plays acoustic guitar, which we like to imagine is how she wooed Rodgers in the first place. Say what you want, but “Wonderwall” is a JAM.

Is Blu of Earth the "doctor" who “immunized” Rodgers against COVID-19? Is she the wings to help him soar to a new plane of being and maybe, just maybe, get over the NFC Championship hump? All questions without answers for now, but what is love if not a mystery?