Judge Watch 2022

Aaron Judge’s next team is … the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

December 06, 2022

This week, the baseball world hangs on the future of a fella by the name of Aaron Judge. Fresh off one of the greatest self-bets in sports history, in which the Yankees slugger broke the single-season AL home-run record after turning down a $230-million-plus deal from the Pinstripes, Judge is now a free agent. He might return to New York. He might go to San Francisco. The jury (ahem) remains out, but on Tuesday a shocking new contender for his services emerged:

The Tampa Bay Rays Buccaneers.

Many believe Judge is poised to sign as early as Wednesday, but on Monday he didn’t appear to be in a big rush, hanging out in a Mike Evans jersey at the Bucs’ MNF showdown against the Saints. He bumped into Tom Brady before the game, and Brady, ever the snake-oil salesman, tried to recruit Judge for the playoff push. “Come and play tight end for us tonight” he could be heard saying as the two embraced in the tunnel.

Judge is no dummy though. He knows he’s in for a massive payday and also that his body, made of fine, delicate porcelain even by baseball standards, wouldn’t last two series in the NFL. If Tommy Boy is still in the market for a tight end, however, we hear Shohei Ohtani might be looking for a trade …