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A Browns player just delivered the best play of NFL Preseason...and it wasn't Baker Mayfield

August 09, 2019
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World, meet Damon Sheey-Guiseppi. Guiseppi's name kicked around the internet for an afternoon a week or two ago when his unlikely and inspiring journey to the NFL went public. After hearing about a Browns workout in Florida, Guiseppi showed up uninvited and pretended to know Browns vice president of player personnel Alonzo Highsmith to get in. After running a 4.38 40-yard dash, he was invited back for another workout the following week. The only problem? Guiseppi didn't have enough to money for a hotel to stay in, so he spent the next several days sleeping outside and charging his phone at laundromats so he wouldn't miss the call from the Browns. On April 5th, after his second workout, he made the team and the rest, as they say, was history.

Except that it wasn't. On Thursday night, with the Browns leading the Redskins by a pair of touchdowns late in the fourth quarter, Guiseppi fielded a punt at his own 12, turned it up the right sideline, and took it to the house, queuing an incredible team-wide celebration that is sure to get sports softies like me all misty eyed. Hell, even Freddie Kitchens cracked a smile:

If this isn't optioned for a biopic starring Jaden Smith Jr. in a decade's time, then Hollywood is really dropping the ball. That said, we shouldn't exactly be surprised. While playing at Phoenix College in 2016, Guiseppi was a NJCAA All-American, leading the nation in kick return yardage and kick return touchdowns.

Go on, kid. Don't stop there.