We put 7Diamonds to the test to see how versatile the Zuma golf pant can be

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Updated on July 11, 2024
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Apparel brand 7Diamonds’ name came from the mission to design clothing that can be worn any day of the week regardless of what’s on the schedule for the next seven days. The upscale brand has been around since 2000 with a focus on stylish menswear made with an attention to detail. The brand has since launched a popular women’s collection with the same meticulous styling and reliable product offerings. 7Diamonds’ golf pieces have become more common to see on the golf course, with the men’s Zuma Pant leading the charge. It’s a medium weight chino made with a lightweight stretch fabric that’s cool to the touch. The hidden stretch waistband is designed for all-day wear, and relaxed tailoring brings an upscale look that doesn’t sacrifice comfort.

We decided to put these pants to the test to see if they held up to the 7Diamonds’ ethos to be worn seven days a week on any occasion from casual to formal—naturally starting at the golf course. To show the depth of this pant, we explored all four colorways—navy, black, a brown shade called desert sage, and smoky taupe, a light gray iteration.