Stylish Collab

Golf course or museum? This latest collab proves you can do both

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/content/dam/images/golfdigest/products/2024/6/27/Bronze Eroded Porsche 911 at Whistling Straits Clubhouse_Arsham in Kohler (Wis) (2).jpg

A bronze eroded Porsche 911 sits outside the clubhouse at Whistling Straits as part of a collaboration between the Kohler Co., Malbon golf and artist Daniel Arsham.

It’s not unusual to see luxury sports cars parked outside top golf courses; golfers are known to have a taste for the finer things in life. What’s slightly more unexpected is to see an eroded bronze Porsche 911 sculpture parked on the front lawn. It’s part of the “Arsham in Kohler” immersive art installation in Kohler, Wis., featuring larger-than-life sculptures on three of the property’s golf courses—including the acclaimed Whistling Straits—and at The American Club

Adding to the theme of “expect the unexpected” the Arsham in Kohler installation also includes a merchandise collection designed in collaboration with Malbon Golf. The aim of these three creative behemoths working together is to create an elevated golf experience that some lucky golfers will be able to visit in person and others can admire from afar with the merch line.

"Malbon is all about creating a community who share the same collective vision while still keeping it unexpected," Stephen Malbon, the company’s founder, said. "Arsham in Kohler represents these values, and we're excited to be part of this project that intersects across golf, art, lifestyle and luxury experiences."

The 16-piece collection is centered around an Arsham golf ball design, demonstrating the artist’s style of creating what he calls “future relics.” He’s known for using geological materials, such as sand, stone and volcanic ash, in his works that often resemble eroded artifacts once cast in metal.

/content/dam/images/golfdigest/products/2024/6/27/Bronze Eroded Venus di Milo at The Straits at Whistling Straits_Arsham in Kohler (Wis) (2).jpg

Arsham’s modernized artifact style can be seen prominently in the Bronze Eroded Venus di Milo placed in the middle of the Straits Course at Whistling Straits. It’s an adaptation of the famous Greek marble sculpture believed to depict Aphrodite currently housed at the Louvre Museum.

Golfers may also take enjoy two additional sculptures on Blackwolf Run’s River and The Baths courses. The first is an Amalgamized head of Hermes of Olympia, and the second a bronze eroded Pentax Camera.


“Incorporating my sculptures into the golf landscape will hopefully spark conversation about creative expression and golf in a whole new way,” Daniel Arsham said. “There is a kind of artistic, architectural, even sculptural proposition that's inherent in the game of golf, where you end up playing against the creator of the course itself. “

Arsham also renovated one of the property’s guest cabins overlooking Lake Michigan for an immersive experience of his artwork. The space includes a zen garden with two of his sculptures, artwork and museum-worthy furniture designed by Arsham and bathroom fixtures from the Landshapes bathroom collection created in collaboration with Kohler.

“Kohler is honored to partner with Arsham and Malbon, two creative forces that share our passion for bold ideas and immersive experiences,” David Kohler, chairman and CEO of Kohler Co., said. “We thoroughly embrace and enjoy the creative process—not only as an outlet for innovation, but also as an ethos of presenting new possibilities in design.”