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Total Eclipse of the Heart

Masters 2024: The Internet is going bananas for the Masters eclipse sunglasses

If you’re a sentient life form on the planet known as earth, by now you're probably aware of two things:

1. The Masters is this week.

2. There’s a total solar eclipse going down on Monday, April 8th.

Both of these subjects have dominated the news cycle in recent days, colliding in exceedingly rare fashion for Monday's Masters practice rounds. With both patrons and players set to be on the course at the time of eclipse, Augusta National went above and beyond, handing out eclipse sunglasses to attendees as they arrived at the grounds on Monday morning. And like all things Augusta National, the Internet gobbled them right up …

Usually, the must-have item of the Masters is available in the hallowed merchandise shop, but this year it seems like it’s going to be a pair of these puppies. Sure, a total solar eclipse only occurs in the U.S. about once every 12 years, but at least when the 2036 Masters rolls around, you’ll be ready.