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Masters 2020: Here’s your first look at College GameDay’s epic Masters set

November 13, 2020

As you’ve probably already heard so many times you’re about ready to swear off college football, throw your 4K flatscreen in the trash, and go all Henry David Throeau up in this bish, at 9 a.m. on Saturday, November 24th, College GameDay will make its lmuch-ballyhooed Masters debut. Word is it’s a pretty big deal, but if the hype has turned to hate for you, don’t worry, we have just the thing to win you back.

Behold, CollegeDay at the Masters.

Not bad. Not. Bad. At. All. Flanked by the serene surface of Ike’s Pond and punctuated by Masters-logo-emblazoned helmets, the sprawling desk screams “AUGUSTA FREAKING NATIONAL,” right down to its cedar paneling (is that cedar? It looks like cedar.) Now just imagine Rece, Kirk, and Desmond all perched up there making picks while moving day heats up around them. It really doesn’t get any better than that.

Except that it potentially does. A lot better in fact. You will count one, two, three, four chairs at the desk. So far this season, Lee Corso, a high-COVID risk due to his age, has been doing GameDay from the safety of his own home. But ever since the collaboration was announced, we have been dreaming of his triumphant return at the Masters, and maybe, just maybe, our wish will be granted. That, folks, would be worthy of a Masters roar for the ages.