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Titleist T300 Review

Titleist T300
Titleist T300
Titleist T300
Titleist T300
Titleist T300
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The Verdict: Having a beautiful face design is, well, great. But it does little good if typical players can’t get results. The T300 iron zeroed in on that dilemma. That meant producing a high moment of inertia iron (which mitigates the loss of ball speed on mis-hits) with a face structure built for speed. To accomplish this, a larger cavity-back design was used with a silicone-polymer core backing the center of the face. That returns more energy to the ball on off-center shots. Read more >>
Loft: 7-iron: 29 degrees; PW: 43 degrees
Street Price: $125 (per iron)
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Player Comments
  • mid
    Super easy to hit the long irons. Turf interaction is never grabby. It’s as if the sole has Teflon.
  • low
    Cavity is hidden well. Had a nice solid pop to it, and the ball all jumped off the face. Mid to high ball flight and consistent in terms to distance.
  • high
    Clean, sophisticated, sleek. They really catch my eye and standout in attractive ways. You get that quick, clean sound through the ball, and it’s consistent with your performance.