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WHAT IT DOES: This iron uses 431 stainless steel in the 4- through 7-iron. The hollow-body construction has foam inside, a shallow blade height and a low center of gravity thanks to a 65-gram tungsten weight (45 grams more than Cobra’s Forged Tec players-distance model). This makes these irons play like utility irons, which can be pretty handy. The low CG and more stable clubhead help deliver a higher launch despite the stronger lofts (no game-improvement iron in this year’s Hot List has a stronger 7-iron loft). The stock steel shaft is the KBS Tour Lite, and the grip is the Lamkin Crossline STD.

WHY WE LIKE IT: The slightly thicker topline and increased offset provide enough confidence to offset any trepidation a shallower blade height might cause. The wide sole delivers assistance to golfers who tend to hit more than their share of fat shots. The face generates so much spring-like effect that it almost feels as if the ball is ricocheting off it. All of that is very nice, but real improvement begins with knowing your weaknesses. The ability to add Arccos shot-tracking sensors and a free trial of the Arccos Caddie app at no cost continues to be a significant value to everyday players.  Read more>>

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Price: $171 (per iron)
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Player Comments
Love the short irons as you could get aggressive with the wedge and 7-iron. Good medium trajectory. Saw pretty good distance, too. Misses consistently playable. Matte darker finish is pleasing.
Handicap, 15
I absolutely love everything about the look—the dark finish, the smallish clubhead. The weighting on the back that looks like it's going to help you a lot without being too much. Just overall, a real classy-looking club. This is a perfect combination of soft and hard. Like getting punched with a velvet glove. It's hard in a good way: It's very satisfying. The sound is very pleasant. Like a Disney princess is whispering in a melodic way, a shouted whisper. It looks like it's going to be forgiving, and it is forgiving. It looks like it's going to be powerful, and it is. The ball just rockets off the face. Just a joy to have the privilege of hitting.
Handicap, 15
“As sweet as a candy bar and as crisp as a fresh apple at impact. The head is very compact for this category, but the performance is big.”
Handicap, 6
Club Specs
Models Dexterity Price
KING FORGED TEC-X Left Hand / Right Hand $171


Name Loft Length
5I 21.00 38.25
7I 27.00 37.25
PW 42.00 36.00
From the Manufacturer

The KING Forged Tec X Irons redefine how a game improvement iron should look and feel. Exhilarating distance and forgiveness are achieved through an internal 65g tungsten weight and hollow body construction, giving you the keys to improve your game while looking like a serious player.

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