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WHAT IT DOES: Anyone with a computer-aided-design (CAD) program can design an iron, but digging into the historical archives to the 1500s for an idea and making it work in a modern-day golf club is next-level science. That’s what Cobra has done. Inspired by a Leonardo da Vinci bridge design, Cobra created a weight bar then welded it onto posts. The idea is to suspend the weight above the bottom of the club internally, allowing for the bottom of the L-shape face insert (through the 7-iron) to bend for maximum energy transfer into the ball at impact. That face flexibility extends out to the toe area, a spot where traditional face designs typically are rigid. 

WHY WE LIKE IT: Although the bridge-like weight is truly different, it’s far from the only thing to like. The face design is a forward leap, too. Using artificial intelligence to simulate thousands of impacts, the company was able to arrive at a variable-thickness design that helps speed, launch and spin. The thinnest part of the face (1.9 millimeters) is 22 percent larger than its LTDx predecessor. Face deflection was raised by 10 percent as well, allowing shots to not only receive a distance boost but go higher, too.  Read more>>

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Price: $143 (per iron)
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Player Comments
"The weighting was really enjoyable. These cut through the turf really well. Even on the fat hits, I still had some nice pop. Impressively forgiving. I was hitting my typical cut without slicing it. Definitely on the longer side."
Handicap, 12
“A confidence-inspiring look.The rounded sole means golfers can take steep angles of attack without fear of chunking. Consistent distance gaps as well.”
Handicap, 8
"It's soft at impact. Turf interaction is exceptional. Flight is not spinny but high. Distances were like players-distance irons. I don't know why more good players don't choose these."
Handicap, 5
Club Specs
Models Dexterity Price
AEROJET Left Hand / Right Hand $143


Name Loft Length
5I 20.50 38.50
7I 26.50 37.25
PW 41.50 37.25
From the Manufacturer

The new AEROJET Irons are Cobra’s ultimate distance iron designed for 10-20 handicaps. The new irons feature a sleek refined shape and topline, and distance-enhancing technologies including a new suspended PWR-BRIDGE weighting design that improves flexibility to deliver more speed and higher launch.

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