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Hot List Gold 2023

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WHAT IT DOES: It’s fairly well known that most iron impacts happen beneath the center of the face. To generate performance in that area, engineers need to push the center of gravity lower in the head because as one told us, “Where the CG goes, the sweet spot follows.” TaylorMade took mass from the high toe portion of the iron and replaced the steel with a lighter density material. The saved mass is moved into a lower, more ideal location to lower the CG. This movement of weight not only increases launch angle and peak height, it also makes the club easier to square at impact. 

WHY WE LIKE IT: This is the classiest-looking game-improvement iron TaylorMade has made, especially the subdued satin finish and clean lines. The club is more than good looks, though. The sweet spot gets a jolt from a springy 450-stainless-steel face that is just 1.6-millimeters thick in its thinnest areas and uses a progressive inverted-cone thickness to create ball speed across a wide portion of the face. A through-slot (up to the 8-iron) protects against a drop in distance on shots hit low on the face. Together, these features produce the kind of distance that will have you thinking you’re playing at elevation. Read more>>

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Price: $143 (per iron)
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Look / Sound / Feel


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Player Comments
"Really like the short irons. I felt like they frame the ball well. A crisp rip at impact. Reliable with the shorter irons. The matted brushed finish works in the sun to fight any glare."
Handicap, 15
“Very forgiving and long with a controllable trajectory. I was dialing up all kinds of shots: low, high, left and right. These made me feel like a tour pro.”
Handicap, 15
"The angling of the topline makes this club appear thinner than it is. A nice whip cracking sound to it. Very forgiving on mis-hits, even off the toe the ball traveled fairly straight."
Handicap, +4
Club Specs
Models Dexterity Price
Stealth Left Hand / Right Hand $143


Name Loft Length
5I 21.00 38.50
7I 28.00 37.25
PW 43.00 35.75
From the Manufacturer

Stealth irons, featuring Cap Back™ Design with toe wrap construction, are the new look of game improvement irons. The revolutionary Cap Back Design is even better by adding toe wrap construction, an advanced engineering feat that shifts mass from the extreme high toe of the head and repositions it in the sole to create an extremely low CG. It expands the distance, forgiveness and feel benefits, delivering an iron that is easy to launch. Stealth irons were designed not only to push the limits of game improvement irons, but also to contemporize what a game improvement iron looks like.


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