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Cobra King SpeedZone/Xtreme Review

Cobra King SpeedZone/Xtreme
Cobra King SpeedZone/Xtreme
Cobra King SpeedZone/Xtreme
Cobra King SpeedZone/Xtreme
Cobra King SpeedZone/Xtreme
Cobra King SpeedZone/Xtreme
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The Verdict: The King Speedzone is the standard version and features movable weights. The Xtreme has extra forgiveness. Both drivers focus on small details for big performance. For example, by computer milling the face and extending it to the perimeter, each curve and thickness is more tightly controlled for optimal flexing, higher launch and straighter off-center hits. The carbon-fiber crown wraps around the top of the driver into two lobes, so now half of the clubhead area is weight-saving composite when it used to be barely a third. Read more >>
Loft: Speedzone: 9, 10.5; Xtreme: 9, 10.5, 12 (all adjustable)
Street Price: $450
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Player Comments
  • mid
    I love the cushioned, quiet feel. It almost gave the impression the ball wasn’t hit super hard, but the launch-monitor numbers say otherwise. My shots have a controlled trajectory that didn’t balloon.
  • low
    Nice clearly square face angle. Really soft but powerful sound/feel combo. The sound and feel match up to the ball flight, which is controlled aggression.
  • high
    I really how the sleek milling pattern across the face, especially the infinity sign, set this apart from the rest. Crown has some effective embellishments that aren't too busy, a really beautiful design. Impact is loud without being annoying. Sounded and felt powerful when you hit it. The club really performs when you go after it aggressively since it's so forgiving.