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Muirfield Village Golf Club




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The ST200 line is a follow-up to last year’s hot-face ST190 family, which included the first Mizuno driver to win a PGA Tour event in two decades. This line uses a beta-titanium alloy from racing-bike gears that’s stronger than last year’s face material. The result is a thinner and more flexible variable-thickness face that provides extra ball speed and distance. The family includes the standard ST200 (wide body and forgiving), the ST200G (two sliding weights in the sole) and the ST200X (ultralight, anti-slice weighting). All benefit from a lightweight carbon-composite crown. Read more >>
Specs: ST200: 9.5, 10.5; ST200G: 9; ST200X: 10.5 (all adjustable)
Price: $400/$500
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Player Comments
  • mid
    Feels techy but not overly so. I could swing aggressively without losing control. My shots had a boring, flat-ish trajectory with a little more rollout.
  • low
    Shots were predictable and hot, which is the best combination. Significant carry. Beautiful club, with sophisticated details on the top.
  • high
    Classy look without any splash, and the technology slot is appealing, really makes you want to pick this up. It felt great. When you hit it, you knew you pured it. It gave you that torque, reassuring feel to make sure you knew you got it. Even on the misses, it felt really good, like you knew you hit it.