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The problem with aerodynamic features is that although they make a driver move through the air faster, they generally make impact less effective. The main reason is how an aerodynamic design typically pushes up the center of gravity (CG), raising spin and reducing forgiveness. These wind-tunnel-developed drivers—including one with a sliding weight (SIM) and one that’s designed to combat a slice (Max D)—solve the CG problem with a back-weighted keel in the sole. It’s angled to improve air flow as the club rotates on the downswing, just when it’s moving the fastest. Read more >>

Price: $550/$500
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Player Comments
  • high
    The sole weight provides some substance behind the shot with one soaring launch after another. You can really go after it, and the spin rate stays down.
  • mid
    Just a car crushing power behind this club but not loud. Quiet, but explosive launch. You could feel the head throughout the swing, and it always seemed to return easily to neutral.
  • low
    It's almost like you punch someone and you hear the life get sucked out of them. That's what it sounds like coming off the face. Flight was a little high, but it wasn't stalling out, it kept climbing.