Memorial Tournament

Muirfield Village Golf Club

Tour Edge

Tour Edge Exotics CBX

Our Review:

The CB stands for "combo brazing," the technique that made Exotics fairway woods a cult favorite in 2004. The technique fuses the face to the rest of the club without welding to save weight and allow the marriage of a flexible, lightweight titanium cupface and a stability-enhancing steel body. The carbon-composite panel near the back of the sole moves the center of gravity level with the center of the face and forward to lower spin.
Specs: 13.5, 15, 16, 18
Price: $350
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    Look / Sound / Feel


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Player Comments
  • low
    This club will let you hit any kind of shot.
  • mid
    It supports your mis-hits nicely. No distractions in look, and feedback on mis-hits is helpful.
  • high
    I like the cleaner sole. It provides a powerful hit. Loved it off tight lies.