Mizuno ST180
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Mizuno ST180 Review

Mizuno ST180
Mizuno ST180
Mizuno ST180
Mizuno ST180
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The Verdict: An internal waffle pattern thins out the crown. The weight saved goes into the wave structure on the sole. The purpose of the waves is to improve how the thin, high-strength steel face insert flexes. Notice the first large wave, the one closest to the face? It's designed for better energy transfer while letting the smaller waves behind it absorb shock. The 4-degree adjustable hosel means these two fairway woods cover a loft range from 13 to 20 degrees.
Loft: 3-wood (adjustable 13-17 degrees); 5-wood (adjustable 16-20 degrees)
Street Price: $250
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    Look / Sound / Feel
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Player Comments
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    The weighting and balance felt good. It was easy to get the ball in the air and was remarkably consistent.
  • mid
    Good on low strikes: I still got good distance. Dispersion was narrow.
  • high
    It cuts through the turf to get you smooth contact.