Callaway GBB Epic/Sub Zero/Star

Our Review:

These fairway woods adopt the strong yet lightweight carbon-composite structure from the successful Epic drivers. The saved weight is pushed low on the standard and Star versions to help launch the ball high, and reallocated as front and back adjustable weights on the Sub Zero model. Power comes from Callaway's cupface design, a thin rim extending the face around the crown and sole to create more consistent flexing across the face.
Specs: Standard: 13.5*, 15*, 18*, 20*, 21, 24; Sub Zero:13.5*, 15*, 18*; Star: 15, 18, 21. (*adjustable +2/-1 degrees)
Price: $280/$400
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Player Comments
  • low
    It's a party coming off the face. I had total control over the trajectory.
  • mid
    Powerful is the only way I can describe this club. It launched the ball out there without a lot of effort.
  • high
    The ball springs off the face. Even my worst swings had decent distance.