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Wilson D300

Our Review:

The urethane-filled holes on the topline and toe—first used in the company's game-improvement C200 model—might be less of a visual hurdle at address in this category. It's also easier to take when an iron provides such a powerful alternative to what's already in your bag. The holes, which extend into the cavity, provide extra room behind the impact area so the face can flex and boost ball speed. Plus, the weight that's saved is redistributed to the heel and toe for additional stability and forgiveness.
Specs: 6-iron: 26 degrees; PW: 43
Price: $900
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Player Comments
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    I can still get my mis-hits up in the air.
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    Talk about forgiveness! Shots off the toe and heel came out flying.
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    The feel is much improved over last year's model.
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    If a golfer has dreamed of playing Wilson irons but doesn't feel like they're good enough, these would be good clubs for you.