Cobra King Oversize

Our Review:

It's difficult to believe it was roughly 25 years ago that Cobra embarked down the path of oversize irons, placing an emphasis on distance instead of precision. Cobra continues that pursuit by taking a more multifaceted approach to increasing distance. The King Oversize irons combine a thinner, L-shape face with a hollow frame and multiple materials to lower the center of gravity. The result is Cobra's most flexible iron face ever, nearly at the USGA limit. A lightweight True Temper XP 85 shaft gives slower swingers more speed, too.
Specs: 6-iron: 26 degrees; PW: 45
Price: $1,100
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Player Comments
  • mid
    The alignment marks on the face frame the ball well.
  • mid
    The look is something you would be proud of playing. A muted, nice soft sound. This is so easy to hit – no thought required.
  • high
    Its size induces confidence. The offset makes you feel like you can't slice it.
  • high
    Repeatable distance. Great carry. The long irons were the easiest we've hit.