Callaway Big Bertha OS

Our Review:

Last year's XR OS was a super game-improvement iron hidden in a smaller shape. This year, no such subtlety was attempted. The Big Bertha OS is, well, big, and it's highly suitable for those needing help with launch, distance and direction. The irons use what Callaway calls an "exo-cage" that alters the stiffness of the club's body in certain areas and allows weight to be placed where it's most effective. It also lets the revamped cupface (where the face wraps around part of the topline and sole to increase face flex) to function more efficiently.
Specs: 6-iron: 28 degrees; PW: 44
Price: PRICE $1,300 (set of eight, graphite shafts)
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Player Comments
  • mid
    Colossal distance. Ball goes a mile in the air.
  • mid
    Nice compact look when you look down. It's really sharp looking. I got great feedback on misses and nice hits. My low irons flew through the air and penetrated.
  • high
    Long irons are so easy to hit, it eliminates the need for hybrids.
  • high
    They just seemed to fly off the clubhead. Sounded really good, too.