Golf & Women: Woman Undercover


Golf & Women: Woman Undercover

January 29, 2012

Avid Women Golfers Speak Out

Revealing as the accompanying experiment by LPGA Tour player Kim Hall is, it has a sample size of only five: one for each of the characters she portrayed. What would a larger group of women golfers say is the state of women's golf in 2012? To find out, we surveyed 1,800 members of the Executive Women's Golf Association. How do men treat women on the golf course? Our survey shows there's room for improvement.READ MORE

Frustration For Sale

Many women had negative things to say about golf stores in our accompanying survey, with crummy selection and indifferent salespeople as special sore points. To get a firsthand feel for today's club-shopping experience, Golf Digest conducted another undercover operation.READ MORE

Breaking With Tradition

'It's as if the world changed, but golf didn't quite keep up.' --Judy RankinShe's has won 26 times on the LPGA Tour before becoming a television golf analyst. After a lifetime of barriers, World Hall of Famer Judy Rankin offers solutions.READ MORE

Female Trouble

In golf-industry parlance, the dismissive, rude, even cruel behavior we see some men exhibit toward women is known as a "barrier to entry." In practical terms, a woman has to damn near burn with desire to play a game that is historically, culturally and demographically dominated by the other sex.READ MORE

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