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The golf industry gets behind a new golf website for women

January 21, 2015

A new golf website for women,, has just launched. The site is the product of a long list of partners: the LPGA, the PGA of America, the PGA TOUR, The First Tee, the USGA, ClubCorp, the Executive Women's Golf Association, Golf Digest and GOLF 20/20, a subsidiary of the World Golf Foundation. This huge chunk of the golf industry has gotten together to make sure accessibility and information are not the things keeping women from playing the sport. Together, these companies have created a home base for women to find out information on all things golf.

LPGA star Stacy Lewis is one of the new site's ambassadors: "We're all so quick to jump on the Internet these days for answers, so this site makes perfect sense. Anything we can do to get more women into the game and to help them be more comfortable on the course is great."

This pretty much sums up the mission of It's no secret that there are fewer females than males playing golf. This website is going to work as a source to answer questions female players may have about the game.

From beginners to competitive players, the site serves golfers of all levels. It functions as a way to get more women involved in the game, by providing information about networking opportunities, golf outings, and beginner programs. It also has information about female-friendly courses and female instructors.

Along with information about rules and etiquette, the site is also a resource for equipment coverage and instruction geared toward women. It will include golf culture content coming from social media feeds pertinent to females as well.

"The focus will be fresh, organized information while also embracing the emotional and human interest side of the game," Steve Mona, CEO of the Golf World Foundation said.