The Best Golf Shoes


The Best Golf Shoes

March 10, 2016


There’s flexibility on all sides of this sneaker-like golf shoe, a hallmark of Adidas’s spikeless line now in its fifth iteration. The lightweight leather and suede upper feature the company’s water-resistant coating to handle light rain and early morning dew. The flexibility continues with the outsole, which more naturally conforms to the varying terrain. But the spikeless design still grabs the ground thanks to 72 lugs on the bottom that are arranged for both traction and green friendliness. Sizes are available in standard and wide widths for more fit options. There’s also extra comfort on the inside thanks to a layer of EVA foam underneath the sockliner. adidasgolf.comMR STYLE'S TAKE: Great throwback style. The gum sole gives this shoe a '70s vibe that really works.PRICE: $90WEIGHT: 12.4 oz


Adidas’s proprietary pelleted foam rebounds on contact for more responsive cushioning. Adopted from its successful running shoes, it’s used in the midsole of the heel to add comfort when walking and the forefoot for a more responsive foot action in the backswing and downswing. A sling-like strap connected to the final eyelet on each side of the foot stabilizes the forefoot for more control during the swing, while an external heel counter cradles the base of the foot for a more secure fit. The new golf-specific last is designed with a wider forefoot region for a better base. The microfiber leather upper is breathable and has a weather-protective coating to respond to the internal temperature of the shoe. Specially designed star-shaped mini-cleats mix with dozens of other traction elements to provide extra grip on the ground. adidasgolf.comMR STYLE'S TAKE: The heel and tongue padding make it supportive, but it's still lightweight and has that running-shoe style.PRICE: $150WEIGHT 13.7 oz


This shoe is built on the athletic shoe cushioning model embodied by Adidas’s Supernova running shoes. It even incorporates the same running shoe’s general shape and last. The heel utilizes the company’s proprietary pelleted foam in the midsole for responsive cushioning and more active comfort while walking. There’s also an EVA foam in the midsole of the forefoot for extra padding. The spikeless outsole incorporates dozens of traction elements in four distinct shapes to maximize ground control. While the upper is lightweight and flexible, an external heel counter with bonded overlays adds stability for the base of your foot. There’s a breathable weather-resistant coating on the soft upper for enhanced, temperature-controlled comfort. adidasgolf.comMR STYLE'S TAKE: This is clean cut and supple. It doesn't just look supportive, it is supportive. Excellent heel and tongue padding.PRICE: $130WEIGHT: 12.3


Don’t let the seemingly traditional look of the upper fool you into thinking there’s not much modern substance under the hood. The specialty thin leather upper is coated with a proprietary, weather-protective coating for breathability and to respond to internal shoe temperatures. Even better, the last has been widened in the forefoot for more volume and a more naturally comfortable fit. The poured polyurethane midsole adds a layer of cushioning, as well. But the real substance is on and around the soles. First, the low-profile cleat system keeps the soles of your feet closer to the feel of the ground. Second, the 10-spike system is arranged to match the natural stress points on the bottom of your shoe during the swing. Third, a woven “glassfibre torsion system” material stabilizes the heel area to keep the foot from twisting within the shoe during the swing. adidasgolf.comMR STYLE'S TAKE: These are pure class. Your buddies will have no choice but to take you seriously when you put these on.PRICE: $250WEIGHT: 16.9 oz


See that gap between the arch and the bottom of the shoe? Adidas wants to let your foot move naturally, while keeping the shoe's base in full contact with the ground throughout the swing. Think about it: when you're turning and shifting your weight, parts of your foot comes off the ground. If you're losing contact with the ground, you're losing potential power that can be built from pushing off of the ground. If you're in contact with the ground for the whole swing, you're theoretically going to be able to create more power and hit it farther. adidasgolf.comMR STYLE'S TAKE: This is next generation. Comfortable and secure, a player's go-to shoe with a distinct performance element. If you're handicapping shoes, I'd give this a scratch: It's about as good as it gets.PRICE: $200WEIGHT: 17.7 oz


Biion’s all-rubber/plastic shoes continue to be light, fun, nontraditional golf shoes. This year the compound they use is more elastic, to fit your foot more naturally. The bottoms of these shoes are spikeless, so you can wear them just about anywhere. They're meant to be worn without socks: Your feet are kept cool by the holes in the upper. While the structure of all of their shoes are the same, they have a million color and pattern options. OK, not a million, but definitely at least 40. Yeah, 40. biionfootwear.comMR STYLE'S TAKE: It's pure fun. These styles and colors are guaranteed to make you smile.PRICE: $100WEIGHT: 8.2 oz


The inspiration grew from a simple and passionate, if not often heard, question: “What if you could build a comfortable, fashionable boat shoe built for the golf course?” The result is a shoe with the aesthetic of the traditional boat shoe, extra cushioning to reduce any internal friction or foot discomfort and a multi-nubbed, seven-cleat outsole so you don’t slip off the tee box when you uncoil a big drive. The hand-sewn leather makes the upper look classic. While the idea behind the shoe seems simple, it took three years of trial and error and prototyping to transform the shoe from thought to reality. The intent is to take the golfer from the clubhouse to the range to the course and back to the 19th hole and out to the car without ever having to make a shoe change. canoos.comMR STYLE'S TAKE: A preppy, and seriously fun, option.PRICE: $150WEIGHT: 12.8 oz


This shoe has the big things you want: flexibility with channels along the sides but also support with the TPU outsole. One of the coolest add-ons is a small detail—the folding heel tab. Right at the heel, there's a piece of material that you can fold up and use to hold onto when putting your shoes on. When you're done getting your shoe on, fold the tab down and the silhouette is back to normal. The outsole is firm and structured, yet thin and lightweight. callawayfootwear.comMR STYLE'S TAKE: The styling of this is clean and straightforward. This shoe is a performer.PRICE: $110WEIGHT: 13.8 oz


Ecco’s Biom shoes have long emphasized a more comfortable walk, and the latest version makes that point by incorporating yak leather in the upper and a thinner midsole. The yak leather is naturally soft and breathable but strong. The thinner midsole keeps the players’ feet closer to the ground to better utilize natural motion in both walking and swinging. The understated yet athletic look includes an overall lighter weight, but boasts a commitment to traction, as well. The outsole uses molded traction bars made of firmer thermoplastic urethane to provide hundreds of angles so the sole can grab the ground from any stance. Fit is enhanced through a snug heel section with extra room in the forefoot for more natural freedom of motion and comfort. ecco.comMR STYLE'S TAKE: A sleek, streamlined shoe with a modern color-blocked style.PRICE: $195WEIGHT: 12.6 oz


Instead of using several different pieces to keep your foot in place, this shoe uses one. That web-looking pattern at the heel and toe are continuations of the midsole. By having all of these parts as one, the overall stability is increased. And though Ecco is known for its spikeless golf shoes, the company made this shoe for the player who likes the feel of spikes. The bases have both spikes and traction elements to give you all the traction you could want. The leather upper is water- resistant. ecco.comMR STYLE'S TAKE: It's what I'd call a functional, versatile, waterproof walking option. A great shoe to walk as the heel cage will really secure your foot in.PRICE: $200WEIGHT: 14.9 oz


While it looks like three separate layers of upper, midsole and outsole, this design directly injects the outsole unit to the upper to make it a one-piece construction. Firm traction bars made of thermoplastic urethane provide grab for the outsole, while a polyurethane-injected midsole is both soft, flexible and durable. The upper is treated with Ecco’s proprietary water-repellent HydroMax coating. While sneaker-like in appearance, there’s plenty of stability in the upper thanks to Ecco’s snug heel and expansive forefoot that allows for more freedom of movement within the shoe. ecco.comMR STYLE'S TAKE: Great walking shoe, with an old-school sneaker look.PRICE: $180WEIGHT: 14.9 oz


Quickly becoming FootJoy’s and golf’s top-selling shoe when it was first introduced in 2014, the latest version ups the ante on traction with a new spike system that continues the idea of lightweight but exacting ground control. The thin, thermoplastic urethane outsole incorporates low-profile spike receptacles designed by Softspikes to ensure the cleats stay locked in place in the highest-stress conditions. The thin, form-fitting Pittard’s leather upper comes with a two-year waterproof guarantee, and the fit is enhanced by a vented tongue and a foam-filled collar that conform to the instep and ankle. The extra depth makes room for a padded footbed for ideal cushioning. footjoy.comMR STYLE'S TAKE: Clean lines and a look that says 'All Business.'PRICE: $200WEIGHT: 15.7 oz


Inspiration for shoes can come from just about anywhere. For FootJoy, the inspiration for traction on this shoe was the Red-Eyed Tree Frog. Because who knows more about grip than a frog that climbs trees? The wrap around sole and ultra-soft midsole work to provide flexible gripping power, just like a tree frog. The soft core of the outsole allows your foot to move naturally, but it's surrounded by more firm material to keep you stable at the same time. footjoy.comMR STYLE'S TAKE: Lightweight, and high in the tech department. It's a stable and sleek option.PRICE: $190/$210 (for BOA)WEIGHT: 14 oz


The infusion of footwear you can sport both on and off the course often has resulted in crossovers or hybrids that mix the two styles, but this model emphasizes the comfortable style of a casual shoe first with a golf application second. The premium leather upper is made by notable leathermaker Pittard’s, which has been involved in making the leather used in FootJoy’s gloves for decades. It’s designed to be both soft, flexible and waterproof. The suede inner heel pocket helps keep the foot from slipping within the shoe, while a leather lining and cork-covered footbed provides padding, fit and internal temperature control. The spikeless rubber outsole features a consistent pattern of dozens of lugs for enhanced traction. footjoy.comMR STYLE'S TAKE: Versatile: A classic example of multi-use for on and off the course.PRICE: $200WEIGHT: 13.3 oz


Every iteration of G/Fore's golf shoes have been good-looking, classic shoes. And every year since G/Fore started making golf shoes, they’ve updated their traction elements. This year, they've done it again by creating more variation in their traction elements. There are multiple levels of sizes and shapes across the bottom of the shoe in a pattern that gives you grip where you need it. The footbed is also anti-microbial and washable, so you can keep your shoes smelling fresh all season long. gfore.comMR STYLE'S TAKE: Style with a capital S! And now they're waterproof, hence even more practical.PRICE: $225WEIGHT: 12.7 oz


If you’re the type to shy from spikeless shoes for fear of slippage, this shoe dares you to think otherwise. The bottom of this shoe boasts three different shapes of traction elements that are arranged in patterns to maximize grip. It has the comfort and silhouette of a running shoe, but the traction of a golf shoe. The upper is water resistant, and the insole wicks water away, so your feet stay dry (and less smelly). The rubber used in the outer is used throughout the New Balance line on different shoes, mostly because of its durability. Think about it: If you're a runner, you need the bottoms of your shoes to hold up. Well, the same is true for a golfer. newbalance.comMR STYLE'S TAKE: This is a performance-oriented, efficient entry. Just what you'd hope for from a running shoe company like New Balance.PRICE: $120WEIGHT: 9.3 oz


Built on the athletic shoe platform New Balance is known for, the NBG 3001’s wider toe box and anatomically shaped heel are designed to provide a more natural fit. The construction of the minimal drop midsole and outsole features materials aimed at creating a better feel for the ground, including a more responsive, lightweight proprietary material in the midsole and a specially formulated thermoplastic urethane in the outsole that responds to the natural motion of the foot. The sole uses nine Zarma Tour cleats for traction, including three in the heel. The microfiber leather upper provides support and breathability. newbalance.comMR STYLE'S TAKE: You can almost see your footprint in this shoe before you put it on, the lines are so natural.PRICE: $170WEIGHT: 13.4 oz


The high-top style of golf shoe naturally makes you think of extra stability and support, but this version adds support where you might not immediately notice. Known for its lightweight construction (less than 12 ounces), the design incorporates the company’s trademark ultra-strong and ultra-thin nylon threads woven into the fabric and stretching across the upper for support. Along the lower edge of the upper and around the ankle are waterproof overlays that make walking through dewy rough more comfortable but also add more stability for the heel during the swing. The sole is inspired by Nike’s Free workout shoe platform and features suction-like traction elements in the forefoot. nike.comMR STYLE'S TAKE: The knit fabric means comfort, and the profile of the shoe has that stylish basketball shoe vibe.PRICE: $190WEIGHT: 12.4 oz


Rory McIlroy requested one thing when designing this shoe with Nike: Stability. The Lunar series has always been stable, but this fourth iteration of the shoe builds on that heritage with updated external heel support to hold your feet in place. A lot of lateral support in the midfoot also comes from the 'Flywire' cables surrounding the laces. Not only do they add stability, they make the fit more secure. These shoes come come in four color ways. Or, if you don't feel like having the same colors Rory has, you have the option to design your own. nike.comMR STYLE'S TAKE: Vroom, vroom! Super technical, super secure.PRICE: $170WEIGHT: 13.3 oz


With inspiration from Nike’s legendary Air Force 1 basketball shoe, this sneaker-style shoe uses the company’s proprietary foam midsole material the length of the shoe. This material is lighter than traditional foam and more evenly distributes the force of impact both while walking and making the weight transition in the downswing. The sole features nubbed traction elements that vary in height based on swing pressure points (higher where there’s more natural torsion). The leather upper is perforated in the forefoot for breathability. nike.comMR STYLE'S TAKE: A cool throwback look. If you liked the AF1, you'll want this shoe.PRICE: $140WEIGHT: 14.2 oz


This spikeless street-style shoe is designed to move easily from off-course to on, but it’s still got plenty of golf-swing specific features. First, it stabilizes the foot within the shoe through an internal structure that supports and snugly cradles the heel. The goal is less extra movement of the foot during the swing. Second, there’s a specially designed X-shaped internal frame around the heel and forefoot of the upper for improved structural support. Third, multiple Y-shaped traction elements are positioned across the outsole for more ground contact points. ogio.comMR STYLE'S TAKE: All business here. It's good on and off the course, because that thick sole makes it sturdy.PRICE: $120WEIGHT: 14.6 oz


Balance is key to your golf swing and this shoe tries to enhance your natural ability in this area through a stable, cushioned platform. Also vital in that performance objective is the way the interior of the shoe cradles your heel. The goal of the snug fit is to reduce any extraneous slipping or twisting of the foot within the shoe. The supple leather upper is ventilated so heat moves out of the interior without letting excess moisture into the shoe. The seven-cleat outsole features additional grooved traction elements for extra stability across a variety of lies. ogio.comMR STYLE'S TAKE: There's a lot of padding, and they've kept it light. It's a good shoe for early morning players that face damp conditions.PRICE: $140WEIGHT: 14.7 oz


Ogio’s line has been mostly leather in the past, making their shoes heavier and classic-looking. This model’s mesh outsole has an athletic vibe. It’s breathable, and the wrap-around structure at the laces creates a more secure fit. The upper being half leather and half mesh makes it more stable, too. The insole is built to keep foot movement to a minimum. It's memory foam, so it molds to your foot, keeping it in place. The liner is also antimicrobial, so the shoe's insides will stay fresher longer and recover quicker than you do after 36 holes in the heat. ogio.comMR STYLE'S TAKE: They're secure and efficient. And this level of comfort is a plus.PRICE: $100WEIGHT: 13.1 oz


Looking at the upper probably reminds you of the TitanTour Ignite. But flip it over, and you'll see there's a world of difference. This shoe has a much less aggressive spike pattern: there are five spikes. Groupings of hexagonal traction elements make up the rest of the bottom of the shoe. Sections of some of the traction elements have been cut out at angles to maximize grip. There is also a firmer piece of material at the middle of the foot, right below the arch, to provide more stability in this light shoe. puma.comMR STYLE'S TAKE: This shoe shows that simple is a good thing.PRICE: $120WEIGHT: 11.4 oz


The mesh upper makes it breathable and light. The shoe is wider at the toe, so it gives your foot plenty of room. On the bottom, 188 cone-shaped traction elements create rows of grip. Up at the toe, flexible bars have been put in place to allow your foot to move as you turn back and through the ball. The shoe is available in four color options. At this price, you could just get all four. puma.comMR STYLE'S TAKE: It's a perfect shoe for speed golf because it feels like a running shoe. Lightweight and super comfortable.PRICE: $80WEIGHT: 9.3 oz


The foam that Puma uses in this midsole is brand new for this year. It cushions your foot, as you'd hope foam would, but it is also reactive. When you're coming through the ball, you're pushing down through your feet and using the ground to push back up. The foam works with you during this move: it's designed to spring back up as you push up, helping you produce power. The leather upper is waterproof, and the bottom has a mixture of hexagonal and bar-shaped traction elements. puma.comMR STYLE'S TAKE: Clean lines, and a great secure feel.PRICE: $120WEIGHT: 12.5 oz


We love mesh as an upper because it’s light and breathable—but it’s not the most stable material. Puma combats this—stylishly, we might add—by putting in a leather saddle over their performance mesh. Don't let the word "mesh" mislead you, though. These shoes are waterproof. The last for this shoe has been trimmed down, giving it a leaner silhouette. The bottoms are spikeless, so don't worry: you can wear these kicks right off the course in to whatever plans you have after the round. puma.comMR STYLE'S TAKE: Sleek and fast, lightweight and flexible.PRICE: $120WEIGHT: 9.9 oz


The TitanTour Ignite is back this year with some technological updates. One of which is the foam that they use in the midsole. It has all the stability and performance you're looking for in a tour shoe, but it also put a lot of focus on comfort. Part of being comfortable is not being sweaty. Your feet will stay dry in these shoes because of the Outlast insole that wicks away moisture and regulates temperature. The team at Puma also changed the shape of the shoe. They took the last and made the lines a bit slimmer. This gives the shoe a good fit, and makes what you're looking down at look pretty stylish. The upper is leather and is available in five different colors. puma.comMR STYLE'S TAKE: Major-league style and construction. This shoe is played on tour because it has all the answers to all the questions tour players ask.PRICE: $160WEIGHT: 15.3 oz


You've probably seen these on Rickie Fowler's feet. In June, you could be wearing them, too. A lot of the focus has been on how these shoes look, but let's not forget about their tech. It's built on the same foundation as the Titan Tour Ignite so it has all the stability of a tour-level shoe. At the top of the shoe, it switches from laces to velcro, giving it more height than your average golf shoe. Keep that in mind when you're picking which pants to wear. puma.comMR STYLE'S TAKE: Go ahead and make a statement - this style rocks it out! But be wary: these aren't going to match your dad's khaki's. You need to wear pants with a tapered ankle with this look.PRICE: $200WEIGHT: 16.6 oz


When you're looking at this shoe, it's easy to be struck by its classic style and use of Italian leather. And while those factors are noteworthy, don't overlook the sole made by Vibram. That's right the company that makes the "fiver-finger" running shoes, which of course brings us to this shoe's natural grip. The bottom of this sole has plenty of lugs, and that coupled with the lightweight and form-fitting Vibram technology, means this sole offers natural, flexible traction. albartross.comMR STYLE'S TAKE: Beautifully constructed, down to the last detail.PRICE: $350WEIGHT: 17.2 oz


Hybrid shoes are about transitions: office to course, course to clubhouse. These take transitioning to the next level with waterproofing and breathability that let you comfortably go from wet to warm conditions. Though the upper is waterproof, it breathes, too. The inside of the shoe works with the outer technology. The entire inside of this shoe is lined with Outlast, technology that NASA uses in space suits to control heat: it helps keep your feet warm when it's cold out, and helps cool them when it's hot outside. truelinkswear.comMR STYLE'S TAKE: Light, breathable, waterproof and multi-use. Plus, they're using the latest in sole tech.PRICE: $120WEIGHT: 12.9 oz


The minimal drop from heel to toe keeps your foot in a neutral position to help promote a more natural, athletic movement. The synthetic upper is waterproof, and constructed without seams - which means there's even less likelihood that your feet can get wet. There's extra padding at the heel and on the tongue, to create a more snug and secure fit. On the bottom, there is a pattern of nubs. They're collected in 18 small groupings, varying in size and pattern depending on how much traction you need on that part of your foot. It's available in four colors. skechers.comMR STYLE'S TAKE: Up to date, light, solid waterproof shoe.PRICE: $105WEIGHT: 11.1 oz

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