In the second installment of a ranking debuted in 2010, we recognize the game's most talented young teachers. You'll find tips for every facet of the game & all levels of play.There's one test in golf that can't be faked: breaking your personal scoring barrier. No amount of handicap strokes, good luck or hot-shot partnering can make it happen. Shattering 100, 90 or 80 is a hard-earned testament to practice, commitment and plain old skill. To help you get there, we present our new edition of the Best Young Teachers in America and offer from them a host of original, innovative tips covering every facet of the game. We identified these teachers, all under age 40, through surveys and discussions with PGA of America leaders and top instructors nationwide as well as our own grassroots research. Think of this section as an all-out assault on the areas of the game that matter most--first for breaking 100, then 90, then 80--from the next generation of great teachers. Find the level that fits your game, then dig in. Before you know it, you'll be lowering your scoring bar.