Ryder Cup Fashion Preview: Team USA's Uniforms


Ryder Cup Fashion Preview: Team USA's Uniforms

September 22, 2014

FridayThis year's uniforms designed by Ralph Laurenstay true to the red, white and blue. The Friday look is a classic. An elegant combination of a very dressy, navy pinstripe lightweight stretch Italian wool pant with a simple white polo will make a stylish opening statement.

SaturdayThe Black Watch plaid pants, a nod of respect to Scotland, are the highlight of Saturday. This is also an excellent style lesson in being adventuresome with only one part of your wardrobe.

SundayBased on the conditions, players will have the option of wearing the long sleeve shirt underneath the team polo. The weather will determine whether they'll go with the gabardine or corduroy pants. In 2012, the team wore red pants during a practice round at Medinah, and Phil Mickelson confessed he was a little worried about the bright selection. "But," he told me, "I can't tell you how many positive comments I got from the gallery throughout the day." This year we'll get to see them in action on TV.

Convertible JacketWith the ability to unzip the sleeves and turn it into a vest, this convertible blue jacket with dark navy sleeves is one of the most versatile items in the team wardrobe. The soft-shell, three-layer fabric is warm and waterproof.

Tartan PulloverThe Tartan pullover, or what Ralph Lauren calls the Deluge Anorak, is one of the few items that is available exclusively to Team USA players. Like the convertible jacket, it's a yarn-dyed, three-layer waterproof fabric. A pretty stylish statement for rain wear.

American Flag SweaterThe American Flag intarsia knit sweater with 13 stars is a terrific item. It's actually an adaptation of a sweater that has been in the Ralph Lauren line for a number of years, and it's always been a great seller.

VestsConsidering they're playing this year's Ryder Cup in Scotland a versatile, sleeveless item could prove essential. Take note of the cardigan jacket (center). The unique design enables it to be stylish and technical at the same time.

Layering PiecesYou won't hear anyone on the American team complaining about the performance of these items in whatever weather Scotland can throw at them. I'm 100 percent confident it will perform as designed.

RainwearThe players are probably hoping they don't have to bust out these options, but if they do, they can expect to stay dry, comfortable and stylish.

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