What's In My Bag: Louis Oosthuizen


What's In My Bag: Louis Oosthuizen

August 14, 2012

Photo By: Photo: Ian Walton/Getty Images

YARDS vs. FEELObviously, I know how far I carry each club, but depending on what kind of shot I want to hit, it's never set in stone. I might be trying to hit a low runner for a yardage that I could reach with a 6-iron but feel more comfortable hitting with a 5-iron. So in a lot of situations it has to do with what kind of shot I want to play.

Photo By: Photo: Ian Walton/Getty Images

A FARMER'S LIFEWhenever I have a little time off, I try to go back to my farm in South Africa. I'll spend time with my family and hunt antelope, kudu and springbok. During a 2010 hunting trip, I tore some ligaments in my ankle when I stepped in a hole. It made it tough to get going last year. I really didn't get my game all sorted out until late in the season, but I've been playing really well since. So I guess what I should do when I'm home is just spend more time lying around doing nothing.

INITIAL REACTIONMy family's initials ("L" for me, "N" for my wife, Nel-Mare, and "J" and "S" for our girls, Jana and Sophia) adorn my Titleist Pro V1x. We bought a house in Florida since I'm now playing more in the U.S.

PREVENT DEFENSEI pay attention to the sun. I've worn sunglasses, while I play, for years and apply sunscreen. No matter where I'm playing, there's a rainsuit in my bag, too.

FUEL WHEN I NEED ITIt's a good idea to store a few energy bars in the bag. Sometimes I need one. It depends on what time I'm playing and how I'm feeling. There's not much else in my bag other than aspirin, scissors and plasters (what Americans call band-aids).

GOLDEN BOYPing produced this gold replica of my 4-iron for the double eagle I made at the Masters. I framed the original and hung it on a wall at home in South Africa.

PRICELESS COINI usually have a few coins in my pocket when I'm playing, but the one I use to mark my ball on the green is a special silver coin that my wife designed for me. It has our wedding date inscribed on it.

DRIVERMy Ping Rapture V2 is an older model, but it's been good to me. (It says 9 degrees, but it's actually 10.5.) The shaft is probably shorter than yours (44½ inches, True Temper Project X Black 6.5, tipped one inch).

FAIRWAY WOODSI put two TaylorMade RocketBallz Tour fairway woods in my bag this year (16.5 and 19 degrees, True Temper Project X Black 6.5 shafts) and tweaked the loft on the 4-wood to reduce the launch angle and spin.

IRONSMy 3- through 9-iron are Ping S56s with True Temper Dynamic Gold X100 shafts and Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips (½-degree upright, D-1 swingweight).

WEDGESI play Ping Tour-S models (47, 54 and 60 degrees). These have heavier swing-weights than my irons (D-4 on the 60). I never hit my 60-degree with a full swing.

PUTTERI switched to this insert putter late last year (Ping Scottsdale ZB S, 34 inches, 1-degree flat lie angle). I've been putting well since going left-hand low.

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