Words From The Wise


Words From The Wise

March 24, 2011

Peter Alliss: Golfer and TV Commentator

"I am a product of my upbringing in the post-war years. I hate to see things going to waste. I still go round switching lights off. I can't bear to throw food away."

William C. (Bill) Campbell: Storied Amateur

"If you're playing for your living or your career or the history books, it can be pretty tough when you're not playing well. But as a sport, a game, there's no loss no matter how poorly you play. This may sound a little naive, but golfers are very fortunate to play a game where if they don't succeed they can try and try again, because you never know what can happen."

Bill Coore: Golf Course Architect

"It's no contest: Mother Nature is a far better golf architect than any man. I mean, what are golf architects trying to do? We're trying to imitate nature. The variables in nature are never-ending. The ideas of any architect, of all architects combined, are finite."

Jack Burke Jr.: Major Champion

"I've always said that you have to play golf from inside yourself. On a cold day I went out there knowing I was going to be uncomfortable for five hours, so don't think about having some hot chocolate or anything that would make you comfortable. That's a giant interruption."

Deane Beman: Former PGA Tour Commissioner

"Everybody wants to be loved, and you're kidding yourself if you say otherwise. But that was not going to be an impediment to succeeding at my goal, which was moving the tour to a higher level, and having our players be rewarded on the same basis as other sports -- turning golf from a minor sport to a major one."

Judy Rankin: LPGA Hall of Famer

"I wish I had an answer for the LPGA. On the plus side there are more good players than there has ever been in women's golf. With all that talent it's hard not to believe that there isn't something right around the corner that will let them reach the heights they should. But problems abound -- some are of their own making and some aren't. The media does not recognize the quality of play. If it got a little more attention, its star would rise automatically."

Dan Jenkins: Author and Sportswriter

"I can't see why I'm supposed to like it that every 90-pound weakling can now drive the ball 310 yards, find no rough anywhere he plays and, due to superior maintenance, make 10-footers like he used to make two-footers. A pro named David Ogrin once described me so accurately, saying I'm a "hostile voice from a previous generation." Well, somebody has to be."

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