Swing Sequence: Domenic Mazza


Swing Sequence: Domenic Mazza

January 18, 2011

436 yards! Find out how long-drive phenom Domenic Mazza bombs his drives.

A super-strong grip and wide stance--classic long-driver positions.

That slight give in his left arm proves he's not tense.

His left foot doesn't budge because he's pushing into the ground.

Domenic sets up open so he can clear faster into the ball.

I'd like to see some flex in his right leg to keep him from going so long.

From that long backswing, he gathers it all beautifully. Great athlete.

He's really freewheeling it here. That's a serious release.

A little inside here, but the club doesn't get stuck coming down.

With a strong grip, he has to turn through very fast to avoid a hook.

Even with all that speed, he stays in perfect balance.

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