Baggage Claim


Baggage Claim

May 01, 2014


$160 / 4.7 poundsIn search of a stable stand bag? Extra traction was added to the base and foot pads to ensure it won't


$150 / 5.7 poundsIt's light for a cart bag. But when you fill the oversize cooler pocket, you'll be glad you're


$240 / 4.9 poundsNeed to open your pockets with one hand? The zippers are set at an angle for speedy


$225 / 8.1 poundsFor you orderly types, this bag features two extra slots upfront for your wedge and


$200 / 5.5 poundsThe rain hood is stored and attached under the hip pad for extra


$220 / 7.1 poundsThe base handle, umbrella holder and cart-strap slots are so seamlessly integrated, they're hardly


$260 / 5 poundsAll the seams are sealed with waterproof tape. Even the zippers keep water


$160 / 5.6 poundsThe bag's top is square instead of round. This makes it a lot easier to get your clubs in and


$200 / 5.5 poundsThe right-shoulder strap slides along a circular pad on the back, making it a breeze to slip on and


$200 / 5.5 poundsIf you play hilly courses, you'll like how the bag's base stays flat with the ground when the legs are pushed


$250 / 6.4 poundsThere are 13 total pockets. The pockets on both sides are set in a stacked pattern, from smallest at the top to biggest at the bottom. You've got no excuse to not be

Maxfli U/Series 3.0 Stand

$150 / 3.7 poundsThe guiding piece of plastic on the right strap allows the left strap to slide as you put it on and take it off, creating an automatically adjusting strap

Mizuno AeroLite SPR II (Hybrid)

$200 / 6.1 poundsA true hybrid. For walking: Both straps slide together on another strap that's anchored to the bag for a natural and adjusting balance point. For riding: The 14-way divider and cart cuff make this function easily on a

Nike Performance Cart II

$200 / 6.2 poundsThe pocket at the top/center of the bag is sewed on at the top, but the rest is magnetized. Flip it up, wrap the cart strap around, then flip it down: No pocket space lost by attaching your bag to a

Nike Sport Lite

$130 / 4.4 poundsA lot of lightweight carry bags have three or four separators, but this one has five. Five allows for more intuitive club

Ogio Chamber

$360 / 10.6 poundsPieces of rubber at the top of each separator keep the clubs from moving: No more clanging irons while you're driving around the

Ping Traverse

$180 / 5.6 poundsThere's a lot of pocket space on the front of this bag. Which makes sense for a cart bag: The front is the easiest part of the bag to

Ping L8

$140 / 4.4 poundsEverything about this bag is minimalist, built for the avid walker. There are two built-in pockets inside the garment pocket for your wallet, cell phone and

Sun Mountain Front 9

$170 / 4.0 poundsThe top of this extremely light bag flares slightly outwards, creating more space to slide clubs in and

TaylorMade Performance Hybrid

$200 / 7.1 poundsThe top of the bag is set at an ascending angle, so when it's on a cart, your wedges are set lower than the woods for easy

Titleist Ultra Lightweight Stand

$160 / 4.9 poundsThis compact bag is for walkers. The stand is really smooth -- and with its broad feet, it's more

Tour Edge Exotics Xtreme 2

$120 / 5.3 pounds 4 ozIts reinforced plastic bottom and the covered mechanics of the hopper are a reminder that it's a hybrid bag -- its reasonable size makes it easy to

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