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Austin Reaves sends ball into orbit with lefty club, lends credence to “best golfer in the NBA” claim

October 09, 2023

Los Angeles Lakers guard Austin Reaves recently made waves when he anointed himself the best golfer in the NBA on his golf-only TikTok account @hillbillybogey. This was a pretty controversial claim given Steph Curry’s status as the current American Century Championship title holder, but if Reaves’ most recent video is any indication, he might have a case.

Reaves sends this ball into orbit. Last week, NASA revealed that an asteroid with force of 22 atomic bombs was set to strike earth in 159 years and that they had a plan to stop it. This is that plan: Have a shooting guard for the Lakers fire lasers into the approaching space rock until shatters into a million, billion pieces.

Absurd sci-fi hypotheticals aside, this brief clip reinforces Reaves’ golf credentials. The swing is smooth. The contact is pure. The tempo would make Miles Davis tap his foot. Oh, and Reaves is doing it all with the club facing the wrong way. We’ll have to wait and see if he can top Steph in a competitive setting, but something tells us we’ll find out sooner than later.