The Glossary


The Glossary

January 25, 2015

A theoretical point that defines the average location of weight in a clubhead, or the internal point about which the club rotates.A low CG helps to launch the ball higher. It isn't always found at the geometric center.

The measure of a club's resistance to twisting on off-center hits that's sometimes equated to forgiveness.The USGA limit for drivers is 5,900 grams/cm².

All judging is based on a 100-point scale.GOLD products earned a score of 93 to 100.SILVER products earned a score of 88 to 92.99.


The star ratings are meant to reflect the various levels of judges' scoring from Poor to Outstanding. Each star represents a scoring range, with a ½ star generally equal to the upper end of a particular range. For example, scores in the 93 to 96 range are represented by a star rating of __ ½__

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