2008 Equipment Guide: Women's Drivers


2008 Equipment Guide: Women's Drivers

August 19, 2008


price: $375lofts: (in L-flex): 9°, 10°, 11°A hyberbolic (X-shaped) raised area on the back of the clubface increases efficiency across the entire face, creating the largest effective hitting area of any Callaway all-titanium driver. The oval-shaped head adds stability while maintaining a classic look.PLAYER COMMENT: "This hits the ball nice and high, and it's easy to line up. The ball really pops off the face." —Carol Susaeta, Hcp: 13


Price: $299Lofts: (in senior flex only): 8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5°, 11.5°The 2008 XLS model features a clubface that is 17 percent larger than its predecessor, the XL, and a significantly higher moment of inertia (MOI), making it more forgiving on off-center hits. For faster-swinging women only, since it doesn't come in an L-flex. Also available in a Draw model.PLAYER COMMENT: "My shots feel amazing with this. It's very easy to launch high, and it goes nice and straight." —Charlie Flentye, Hcp: 21


Price: $375Lofts: (in L-flex): 13.5°The Speed LD features an offset clubhead design that helps prevent slicing; the sloped clubhead crown and deep dimples lower the club's CG dramatically, helping to launch the ball high. The large face has a rhombus-shaped raised area on the back to increase the sweet spot, making off-center hits more consistent.PLAYER COMMENT: "It's nice and light, and the offset allows you to stop worrying about timing at impact." —Sharon Royce, Hcp: 10


Price: $360Lofts: (in L-flex, all custom order): 8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5°, 12°Mizuno's most forgiving driver has an elongated, shallow head shape that increases the club's resistance to twisting on off-center hits and launches the ball higher. The milled, plasma-welded face has multiple levels of thickness, producing high ball speed and added distance.PLAYER COMMENT: "The club seems to have a really big sweet spot. It feels light in my hands and releases easily." —Lenora Hutchins, Hcp: 20


Price: $299Lofts: (in L-flex): 8° and 9° (in FastBack model only), 10.5°, 13°This driver has a triangular shape that's more heel-weighted to help you work the ball from right to left (the offset Drawback model has even more left bias). The multilayered face adds trampoline effect to the outer edges of the face for forgiveness.PLAYER COMMENT: "The odd shape takes getting used to, but it's really hard to hit a slice with this thing." —Michele Yegge, Hcp: 32


Price: $479Lofts: (in L-flex): 11.5°, 13°, HL (16°)The latest version of the square-shaped Sumo² has the highest MOI on record in the industry, which makes it very stable on off-center hits. The "powerbow" weighting ring on the back of the clubhead helps create more height and distance.PLAYER COMMENT: "It sounds much better than the SasQuatch did! The light weight and higher loft make it an ideal club for slower swingers." —Mary Ochs, Hcp: 5


Price: $300Lofts: (in L-flex): 12°, 14°, 16°The most women-friendly driver in Ping history features an ultra-lightweight (45g), flexible shaft that helps add clubhead speed and height, which increases distance. The large face and high MOI add forgiveness and stability, and the wide clubhead instills confidence.PLAYER COMMENT: "I like this, it's so light and easy to swing. Very forgiving and has a great look. The half-moon-shaped alignment aid on the top is really helpful."—Susan Lane, Hcp: 24


price: $199lofts: (in L-flex): 9°, 10.5°, 12°, 14°, 16°As the name suggests, this driver pushes geometrical design limits by being as wide as it is long. Add to that a 20g tungsten weight in the very back bottom of the head and you have a clubhead that's extremely stable on off-center hits.PLAYER COMMENT: "It feels light but not too light, and it's very easy to hit. It's as if you don't have to do much to hit it solidly." —Carol Susaeta, Hcp: 13


Price: $360Lofts(in L-flex): 10.5° and 12°A longer, lighter shaft and a 460 cc titanium clubhead will help you swing this club faster than most for increased distance, while the elongated head shape pushes the club's center of gravity low and back for a higher launch. Strategically positioned weight coupled with inverted-cone face technology enlarges the sweet spot of the clubface, allowing mis-hits to feel and perform almost like center hits.


Price: $480Lofts (custom order in L-flex): 8.5°, 9.5°, and 10.5°This better-player driver features a moveable-weight track on the back of clubhead that allows you to position two 8g weights in six different locations to create up to 15 ball various ball flights. Since the track is located along the perimeter of the sole, the clubhead has a low and back center of gravity (CG), which helps generate high launch. One note: the highest loft this club comes in is 10.5 degrees, so it's made for players with faster swing speeds.

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