Equipment Guide: Flow Sets


Equipment Guide: Flow Sets

August 20, 2008


Price: $599 for eight clubs/$899 for 13 clubs (both including cart bag)Color choices: Apple, Tangerine, Sand, Rain, Raspberry or Grape (13-piece set); Sand or Rain (8-piece set).The A3OS comes in two set-makeup options, three length options and two shaft-flex options. The titanium driver is 460cc, and the hybrids and wide-soled short irons feature super-low CGs for a high launch.PLAYER COMMENT: "I like this set a lot—it's light and the shafts are great. Every club is very forgiving." —Susan Lane, Hcp: 24


Price: $750 (including stand bag)Color choice: Light blue.Every club in this eight-piece set—which includes a 420cc titanium driver, an offset fairway wood, a hybrid, three wide-soled irons and a chipper—is designed to be draw-biased to help prevent slicing and has a low CG to add launch. The putter is a women's version of the popular Odyssey 2-Ball.PLAYER COMMENT: "I love these clubs. I can really get down and through the ball with them. They are very forgiving." —Kim Hugentobler, Hcp: 25


Price: $850 (including cart bag)Color choice: Light blue.The successor to the Tava—the industry's first flow set—comes with 11 clubs including putter. A 15-degree, 460cc titanium driver is paired with two fairway woods, one hybrid and six cavity-backed short irons with low CGs for added height.PLAYER COMMENT: "What a seamless set—great for beginners. The flex is just right, and every club feels very light and comfortable." —Cindy Clemens, Hcp: 25


Price: $500Color choice: Pink.This 10-piece set includes a 460cc offset driver with customizable weight screws, an oversize mallet putter, a 3-wood, a 5-hybrid and six cavity-backed irons. Each set is custom-fitted, so you can get the exact specs you need down to the smallest detail.PLAYER COMMENT: "These are some pretty clubs. I love the shape of the driver, and I get great height from the whole set." —Charlie Flentye, Hcp: 21


Price: $600 (including cart bag)Color choices: Chocolate/Blue or Chocolate/Pink.The Moda 11-club set includes a 15-degree, 460cc titanium driver; two fairway woods; three high-launching hybrids; four short irons and a mallet putter. Ultralightweight shafts help add clubhead speed for increased distance.PLAYER COMMENT: "These clubs have a nice look and big sweet spots. You can hit them with confidence." —Lenora Hutchins, Hcp: 20


Price: $1,000 (including cart bag)Color choice: Black with pink accents.Lightweight shafts and high lofts characterize this 12-club set, which includes a 460cc driver, two fairway woods, two hybrids, six short irons and a mallet insert-putter. The smoky finish adds a sleek look.PLAYER COMMENT: "Love the look! I like everything about this set. The thin topline on the irons is very nice and each club is long and forgiving." —Michele Yegge, Hcp: 32


Price: $800The 10-piece set comes with a 14-degree 460cc titanium head driver, a 19-degree, stainless steel head 3-wood, 4-5-6 hybrids and five cavity back short irons. The ultra-flexible, lightweight shafts help even the slowest of swingers get the ball up in the air with more speed and height, resulting in longer shots.


Price: $840The set, which is designed for moderate-speed swingers, integrates eight clubs: two fairways woods (Nos. 3 and 5) that are slightly offset to promote a draw and have wider soles and a low crown design to push the clubhead's CG low and back for higher launch; two hybrids (Nos. 6 and 7) that are hollow and back-weighted to increase MOI; and four wide-sole, easy to hit cavity back irons (8-SW).


Finally, women's clubs are being paired with stylish matching bags and accessories. Companies that have embraced this trend include Tour Edge, Wilson and Adams; the latter offers its A3OS set in no fewer than six different accent colors, all with corresponding bags and headcovers. "It's important to offer a variety of colors; we want to give women a choice," said Cindy Herington, vice president of marketing and advertising at Adams Golf. "Women get options in everything else they purchase, so there's no reason why they shouldn't have them when it comes to golf equipment." Hear, hear.

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