Golf In Cuba


Golf In Cuba

January 09, 2014

Still Cuba's number one pastime, baseball is played in every neighborhood.

Havana Golf Club caddie Orlando Denis, 75, has been working at the club for more than 50 years.

A group of young Cuban boys help to compression start a 1956 Dodge Custom Royale. The starter, according to the driver, has been dead for four years.

Frant Lopez, educated in Kentucky, is Havana Golf Club's oldest caddie at 76.

Homing pigeons, once used to relay messages amongst the revolutionary soldiers in Fidel Castro's revolution, are now convenient pets.

Havana Golf Club caddie Juan Carlos Peña, 50.

For 25 pesos, Moneda Nacional (about $1) this is an average Cuban meal of pork, rice and beans, yucca and avocado.

Havana Golf Club caddie Gabriel Blanco, 51.

Dominoes, along with baseball and soccer, are national pastimes.

Havana Golf Club caddie Eugenio Vega, 68.

This plaza in Vedado, Havana, is one of hundreds for the country's fallen revolutionaries. In the evening, it turns into a soccer pitch.

Havana Golf Club caddie Marcos Cot Rochart.

Havana -- A new, more open acceptance of different social norms is apparent in the country. These punk rockers, once reviled as anti-socials (and perhaps purposefully so) are now accepted openly in Cuban society.

Havana Golf Club caddie Benito Ramirez Tamay.

Vedado, Havana -- Remnants from the 1991 Pan-American Games litter Havana, and are still in use, though in need of serious repair.

Havana Golf Club caddie Orlando Alverez-Rodriguez.

Thanks to a serious investment of funds by UNESCO, Havana is rebuilding its water and sewage systems for the first time in 60 years.

Free health care is not without it's costs ... Xrays are given, but there are no envelopes in surplus for protecting the films.

Habana Vieja -- Repairing the distributor on a Russian four cylinder motor, the transplanted heart of a 1956 Buick. Nearly none of the thousands of vintage American cars, all pre-1959, have original parts in them.

Havana, Cuba -- Revelers celebrate the Cuban Day of Appreciation for the Communist party, known locally as the CDP. The festival is mainly a format in which Party songs are taught to the youngest generation.

Like most destination cities in the Caribbean, prostitution is a problem near the tourist hotels. In Havana, there is a saying that it is a curse to be born a beautiful girl, as is it possible to earn four month's Cuban wages in a single evening, and there is a lot of responsibility to provide for the family.

A summer storm passes over Habana Vieja, drenching the city.

Taking advantage of a summer storm, this Cuban man showers in the downspout of his house.

Thanks to a hearty investment in Cuba by UNESCO, El Capitolio, Cuba's capitol building, is being renovated.

Havana, Cuba.

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