Breaking 90


Breaking 90

July 26, 2009

Who's in control?

Ever hit a shot when it felt as if you weren't really directing your swing, not trying to make it come out a particular way? The results usually are surprisingly good.It might feel as if you're not in control, but that's because you're used to trying to control your swing with your thinking mind. In fact, you haven't lost control -- you've just transferred it to your subconscious mind. You've gotten out of your own way, which allows you to play your best golf.Before each swing, mentally say something to your body such as, It's all yours, or OK, take over. That acts as a signal for the thinking mind to let go, allowing the subconscious mind to guide the body in swinging the club without conscious interference. When you do that, the very best swing your body knows how to make will show up time after time. Plan with your head, but play from your heart.

How to warm up your putting

When you putt before your round, begin by "putting to nowhere." Because there's no hole, you'll make your natural stroke without pushing or pulling the putt. Work on this until you feel you're hitting it on the sweet spot every time and your putts are rolling end over end.Next, roll some long putts to get a feel for how big a swing you need to get them to travel the correct distance.Then try some medium-length putts to holes on side slopes to get a feel for the relationship of pace to break.Finish with several two-foot putts, focusing on keeping your head steady and listening for each putt to fall in the hole.

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