Breaking 90


Breaking 90

May 17, 2010

Go with your middle move

On greenside shots, which are common on this short par 4 (left), make several rehearsal swings and brush the turf where the ball would be relative to your stance. Look at the target as you swing. This promotes acceleration to the finish. Then, using that tempo, step up and play the shot. Don't waste time thinking or doubting.If you're unsure how hard to hit the shot, make three rehearsal swings: one that's clearly too big, a second that's too small and a third that's just right. In the last rehearsal, you've established a middle rhythm -- the correct one. Step up and brush the grass, and just let the ball get in the way.

Keep from getting quick

When circumstances on the course quicken your tempo, such as an intimidating tee shot like on No. 18 at Pebble Beach, try this drill. Make some smooth practice swings starting from a three-quarter position in the follow-through (left). From there, swing your arms back to the top and then down and through to a full finish. This drill helps you shift your weight to your front foot as you start down, so your lower body remains in sync with the club. It's a great way to regain your tempo because it puts the correct sequence of motion back together. Remember, your feet should always lead your hands on the downswing.

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