10 last-minute golf gift ideas for the holidays


10 last-minute golf gift ideas for the holidays

December 15, 2015

Photo By: Jensen Larson Photography

Golf Balls

Like pizza, beer and clips of Robin Lopez mascot fights, you can never get enough golf balls.

Golf Shirts

As Marty "Mr. Style" Hackel says, a golfer has extra confidence on the first tee knowing they look good.

Golf Lessons

Most people try to improve their game by dropping coin on new clubs, when they should be visiting their local pro for instruction. Most teachers offer an introductory or holiday rate. Buy your friend or family member a one-hour lesson; it will do their game wonders.

Gloves and Tees

It's not a "shock and awe" gift, but there's nothing worse than the moment you're on the course and realize you're out of tees or you don't have a back-up glove.

Bobby Knight's Golf Outtakes

For the uninitiated, this is the infamous clip of outtakes from the famed basketball coach giving golf tips. Why is a basketball coach giving golf instruction? Because it was the '80s, man. When I was in college, I forgot to get a present for a holiday gathering, and burned a copy of the Knight video to a DVD. It was the hit of the party. Trust me, no one has ever NOT laughed at the clip.

Caddie Coupon

Remember when you were a kid and made your parents or girlfriend/boyfriend a "Free Chores" or "My Turn to Make Dinner" voucher? It might be cheesy, but it's from the heart, and your friend will feel like a king for a day having their clubs lugged around by you.

Photo By: Jensen Larson Photography

Golf-Themed Shot Glasses

Bonus points if they have a St. Andrews or Pebble Beach decal.


Though most of the United States has enjoyed an unseasonably cool December, winter is coming. For the days when getting to the links is not an option, a solid novel or book will satiate the golf appetite.

A Gentleman's Game

This is golf's version of Road House or Batman & Robin in a "so bad it's good" tone. Basically, it's a movie about the inner-workings of a country club, directed by someone who's clearly never played golf or been to a country club. Actual review from IMDB: "It's almost worth watching to see the Southern California beach where Gary Sinise parks his trailer which is meant to pass for a bay in Delaware."

Golf Certificate

What better way to start the new year of golf than playing a round for free?

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