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Your one-week college football star of the week: We went with the obvious choice

September 09, 2019
LSU v Texas

Tim Warner

If there was anything college football was lacking a season ago, it was a true villain at the quarterback position. A Baker Mayfield or Johnny Manziel-type that could divide a country, one half of it despising his every move and the other half embracing the cockiness. Trevor Lawrence and Tua Tagovailoa both seem too nice, which is not a knock. Ditto that for Georgia's Jake Fromm. As for Kyler Murray, he let his play do all the talking (literally).

It took all of two weeks for a man to fill that villain role, and that man is LSU quarterback Joe Burrow, our one-week college football star of the week after his impressive performance on the road at Texas. Burrow, who transferred from Ohio State in 2018, had a career night in Austin, completing 31 of 39 passes for 471 yards and four touchdowns. He and LSU's offense refused to stop attacking the entire game, embarrassing the Longhorns' defense on their home turf by scoring at will. The Tigers' 45-38 victory has LSU fans already dreaming about the College Football Playoff and even the Heisman Trophy for Burrow. If he keeps making plays like the one that sealed the game, that Heisman talk won't sound all that crazy:

Third and 17, pressure from everywhere, game on the line and your team up by only six. This was a BIG-boy throw from Joe, and one that earned him every right to do this on the sideline afterward:

Apparently, he gets the brashness from his father, who did this pregame:

And here was Burrow after the win discussing the new, potent LSU offense, which he predicted would score a lot of points prior to this season:

If you wade into the replies on any of these tweets (I recommend not doing this), you'll quickly find out that Joe Burrow might have become exactly what college football needed on Saturday: a guy that everyone hates. That said, tough to hate a guy that uses a good Spongebob reference, but I'm also not a Texas fan:

Honorable Mentions

Matthew McConaughey

I wish we got victorious McConaughey on Saturday night, but even in defeat McConaughey is still pretty awesome:

What a ledge. Had a friend ask me, "What's so great about this guy?" as ESPN continued to show him on camera throughout the night. UPDATE: I'm no longer friends with that friend.

The UNC Crowd

Mack Brown is 2-0 at North Carolina and Tom Herman is 1-1 at Texas is not a sentence many thought they'd see through two weeks of the college football season, and yet here we are. And the Tar Heels haven't beaten Cupcake U and ITT Tech. First they took down South Carolina as an 11-point underdog, then they beat Miami on Saturday as a five-point underdog with this late touchdown:

Listen to that crowd! Who says UNC is just a basketball school? Impressive showing from the students in Chapel Hill. Next up: @Wake Forest, home to Appalachian State and then ... DUN DUN DUN ... Clemson at home. That is as prime of a "College GameDay" candidate as I've ever seen.

That crying kid from Texas

Alright, let's not pile on.