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Kyler Murray is not even saying words when he's asked about playing football or baseball now

February 01, 2019

The Kyler Murray "will he choose football or baseball?" saga has been put on the back burner of the sports world in recent weeks. There's a few reasons for that, the first being that we all got sick of it pretty quickly, the second being that it's Super Bowl week and last but not least, the NBA has clearly hijacked all the headlines over the last few days.

But Murray will finally have to make a decision soon (to be honest, I thought he already did. That's how confusing it's gotten), as he'll need to report to Spring Training for the Oakland Athletics in a few weeks, or possibly participate in an NFL pro day or the NFL combine at month's end. We didn't get any closer to finding out the answer on Friday when Murray joined "The Dan Patrick Show." In fact, we are now more puzzled after watching this video, in which Murray literally doesn't even say words when asked about his impending choice. Check out this deliciously awkward clip:

Didn't anyone else think their computer was on mute at the beginning of the video? Say something Kyler, anything! Something tells me he's really enjoying this whole cat-and-mouse game. This was quite the exchange:

Patrick: "Are you gonna do a pro day?"

Murray: "I guess, if you want to say .. yeah, sure. That would imply that I was going to play football."

Patrick: "When do you report for the Oakland A's?"

Murray: "February 15th."

Patrick: "Oh, you know that, you're ready to do that. Are you going to Spring Training?"

Murray: "I don't know."



That was like asking your girlfriend where she wants to go for dinner. "Want to try that Mexican place?" .. "I guess." .. "Well what are you in the mood for??" ... "I don't know." .. "PLEASE PICK SOMETHING."

But seriously man, make the call (please pick football and get drafted by the Giants).